How to Keep Urine Warm for a Drug Test

how to keep urine warm for a drug testA lot of people have asked me about the substituion method. They get that we’re going to be swapping in synthetic urine for your tainted urine. That’s the obvious part. But what a lot of people don’t know is how to keep urine warm for a drug test.


Why You Have to Know How to Keep Urine Warm for a Drug Test

The human body keeps urine around a balmy 98 degrees. So if you come in with piss that’s been sitting in the refrigerator for two days and that you didn’t even warm up, they’re obviously going to know when they take the temperature. So the that leaves us with the everlasting question of how to keep urine warm for a drug test.

Just for the record, the parameters set by most drug testing facilities is that the urine specimen has to be 90 to 100 degrees. So you can overheat or underheat with a little bit of error. Just keep in mind that it’s going to start cooling off fast once it’s in the cup.


So Tell me How to Keep Urine Warm for a Drug Test…

Okay! I will. The two options you have are microwaving the urine before you leave for the test or using handwarmers tucked into your crotch or pocket along with the urine. You can also combine these methods if you find that the handwarmers aren’t working quick enough. Let’s take a look at both these methods and how they work and the drawbacks of each.


Microwave for Keeping Urine Warm for a Drug Test

A lot of people turn to the microwave method because they’re just so accustomed to this device. It heats your porridge and your popcorn, why can’t it heat your fake drug test urine too? Just pop the bag or cup of the fake urine into the microwave for 10 seconds and it should get to about 100 degrees. Then, tuck it into your croch (or your pocket if you’re too shy) and that should keep it above the required 90 degrees. That’s about it. But the microwave won’t keep it warm for long and you’re going to need to hustle to the drug testing place right away.


Hand Warmers for Keeping Urine Warm for a Drug Test

The most loved option for keeping urine warm for a drug test has got to be the handwarmers. A hunter’s best friend are also a drug user’s best friend. What you do is you put the urine into some sort of sealed bag (they have these sort of things on, synthetic urine included). Then, depending on the type of hand warmer you have, you’re going to apply it.

If you have normal handwarmers you’re just going to rubber band or tape them to the bag of fake urine.

If you have sticky footwarmers than you can just stick them right on the bag.

This should do the trick! Once these things get heated up, they provide a lot of heat energy and will easily keep the urine at just about the right temperature. This is the tried and true method for how to keep urine warm for a drug test.


A Few Notes:

You may want to get one of these sticky temperature gauges that you can just stick on the outside of the bag. It tells you the exact temperature of the urine inside and is a great way to have control over how warm your specimen will be. You can find what I’m talking about here.

If you’re really serious about passing a drug test, you can get this kit from It’s less than $50 and comes with the bag to hold the urine, a hose to release it into the cup, a temperature gouge, handwarmers, and real human urine.


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